Vision and Mission


Our Mission
We provide cherished healthcare experience to improve the quality of life of our patients, their families and our community.

Our Vision

To be the choice provider of effective and innovative healthcare services in Nigeria.

Our Values

1.Excellence – we commit to provide distinctive family-centred care and strive to exceed the expectations of those we serve.
2.Team Work – we collaborate and share knowledge with our patients and fellow caregivers for our mutual benefit.
3.Service – we seek to deliver care, comfort, convenience and compassion.
4.Integrity – we adhere to high moral principles and professional standards, committing to honesty, confidentiality, respect and transparency.
5.Trust – we promote open communication with all our patients, their families, and among staff.
6.Community – we will thrive on our shared values to foster growth and development in our community.

Our Doctors
Our skilled and experienced doctors provide high-quality and comprehensive medical services. They are dedicated to passionately caring for our patients and our community.

Our doctors place a premium on continuous professional development. This ensures that our patients are always provided with cutting-edge medical care.

Our Nurses
Our nurses are dedicated to providing world-class service. They are enthusiastic about new trends in their profession and passionate about working towards the common goal. They strive to deliverthe highest quality family-centred care.

They believe and live by Yenagoa Hospital’s values at all times; delivering care and service with integrity, team work, trust and excellence at all levels and sites of care.